Business Coaching Framework

We will prepare a personalised coaching framework in order to establish the key stakeholders in your role and to provide me with an understanding of your relationships.

These will typically consist of the following:

  1. – Your boss
  2. – Your peers
  3. – Shareholders
  4. – Partners
  5. – CEO’s
  6. – Senior Executives
  7. – Wider internal colleagues
  8. – Clients
  9. – Joint venture partners

In addition we will start our relationship by talking about your background including any significant occasions in your life that you believe are integral to the way you think and act.

We will also talk about your future and your ambitions as well as the very important work/life balance.

As your business coach I will support you in moving forward with relationships and issues that you need to progress and the focus will always be on enhanced business performance.

This will happen through you bringing these to each session for us to share in a dialogue – they will usually emerge from people populating your framework.

The emphasis here is that you will ensure that the agenda is set each time around your issues – I do not claim to be an expert with understanding of all the nuances of your role.

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