Moving Forward

Exploratory meeting:

I offer a free session of 60/90 mins to establish your needs and objectives. This dialogue importantly also provides both of us with the opportunity to establish whether we can work together and develop the necessary mutual trust.

Should you prefer to undertake a 45/60 mins session by Skype to serve the same purpose and reduce time in travelling etc I would be happy to consider.

Formalisation of agreement:

When we agree to proceed I will then forward to you a formal agreement setting out terms, cancellation policy, confidentiality etc.

Regularity of meetings:

This can vary depending on the complexity of your role.I recently recommended to an Executive in a large organisation that we meet every two weeks as his role was very fast moving and entailed a substantial degree of complexity.

However in my experience a 4/6 weeks gap will usually work very well.

I will suggest that we both commit to a coaching programme of a minimum of ten to twelve sessions as this will enable us to get into the issues in some depth although in some circumstances fewer sessions may suffice.

Boss input:

It can be very helpful to have a three way session with your boss early in the relationship. This is to establish the aspects of your performance that it is considered we should focus on in developing you in your role.

It can be difficult to achieve for an owner/founder and often a senior colleague/friend will offer support and suggestions.

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