As each of us is an especially unique individual I have not provided a list of what coaching may or may not deliver for you but have obtained the following testimonials from clients to provide a flavour of what is possible.

There are additional testimonials on my LinkedIn profile – see icon below – and some of these clients have offered to speak with a potential client to support their words if that would assist.

I am an entrepreneur who has built up and sold two businesses from scratch, one in bottled water coolers and one in IT.

As the businesses got larger, and less personal,I found it hard having no one I felt I could talk to both within and outside the business about business issues, who could give impartial advice and counseling, and to bounce ideas off.

It was not a problem that I was prepared for or one that is generally mentioned (or used to be) in the standard business management books.

I met Roger Thomas via a friend who was wrestling with similar problems with his own business, and had been using Roger for some time.

Our chance conversation led me to ask Roger in for an initial exploratory meeting.

I immediately got on with Roger as his approach was (and still is) to allow me to discuss my issues, and he doesn’t try to provide me with answers but offers a sounding board to enable me to come up with answers.

He discusses issues and reflects back what I just said rather like a mirror reflecting back your reflection. It’s not always comfortable to start with but it has been tremendously rewarding over the years I have been seeing Roger. I have continued on with Roger despite moving from the South of England to Scotland and have been using him for about 7-8 years now

Requiring a mentor/coach like Roger is a personal decision and comes at a particular stage in your personal development. Only you will know when that moment arrives but when it does, (and it will!) I can highly recommend Roger. He has undoubtedly helped me profoundly in my business career and with some of my personal demons too!
Owner/Founder/Estate Owner and Entrepreneur

Beginning a new and challenging role required me to stretch my influence and leadership in order to be a highly effective Board Director. Through my coaching programme I was able to test ideas and build greater confidence to translate strategy into action and results.
Tony Brown, Managing Director, Friends Provident Holdings.

I have enjoyed the benefit of a regular coaching dialogue as delivered by Roger over the past 3 years.

Whilst known to me from a decade or so earlier at NatWest Bank, I was afforded the opportunity to formally engage with Roger upon my arrival at Clydesdale Bank in Watford in 2007, for which he has run sessions for a number of years.

The situation I found myself in having moved employers for the first time since starting work 26 years earlier at NatWest (!), was both thoroughly stimulating and challenging, with the opportunity to carve myself a valuable role within a new environment.

The coincidence of re-acquainting with Roger within a coaching / mentoring capacity alongside my arrival was immediately valuable to me.

I had complete faith in his integrity in treating our discussions with total confidentiality, which allowed our relationship to form a unique dimension as I found my feet and set sail in my chosen direction.

Roger has been a fabulous sounding board and source of direct challenge to me, being able to ask the tough questions in an atmosphere where I can give honest and unguarded responses.

We have a good understanding of each other and there is clarity of purpose in helping me achieve my evolved goals.

The process has been one of listening / checking understanding / challenging my views, never offering advice outright but one of encouraging me to explore options aloud and justify opinion.

It is also most important to state that there have been frequent moments of side-splitting laughter as well as serious focus on intent, which has made for a great balance and a relaxed environment.

I always look forward to meeting up and have often thought of Roger’s words and support at times of key personal decisions along the way.

I thoroughly respect his professionalism and welcome his interest in my continued development, which has afforded me considerable success over the past 3 years.
Mike Yates, Corporate Business Partner
Clydesdale Bank

I knew Roger from some time ago and we were reintroduced by a local business professional in 2007.

As my current company has been in expansion mode for the past 6 years, there was a real need to maintain focus on the people development side of the business. The rate of business growth prevented effective internal coaching and therefore the use of an external executive coach was seen as a good solution.

Roger has massive experience in people management and driving business to new levels of success, through difficult change management programmes. This experience has enabled Roger to create a structured approach to the introduction piece of the programme which quickly evolves to find a level with the client.

The challenging style of his coaching is always pushing the boundaries in my way of thinking, which helps me create a better understanding of situations. This can sometimes lead to a self generated solution, which in itself is fine, but the overall value is in the long term benefits of transforming people from one level of leadership to another.

Personally he has enabled me to develop as a leader, by challenging my thinking and being there to support.

The financial benefits from improved performance in my organisation have been clear to see. However the benefits have been more than financial with team members having improved their self esteem, assertiveness and become more fulfilled in their roles with a clear sense of purpose.

In addition his facilitation at team away days has been an effective way of running a meeting, and perhaps in this situation he can best be described as the ‘glue’ that holds everything together.

Roger has coached 15 people in my business and without exception, everyone has remarked on how effective his style of coaching has been. It has been a real value added experience which has created an embedded coaching culture in the company.
Peter O’Gorman
Managing Partner (Hertford & Watford FSC’s)
Clydesdale Bank

I joined my company after being head hunted from a FTSE 100 company to set up a new marketing and new business department, reporting to the main board.

The role was a challenging one, incorporating team creation, training, coaching and culture change.

The culture at my previous company was very supportive, with regular appraisals and coaching. At my new employer, none of this existed.

As such, I was in a new role having to be totally self motivated, self analytical and self developing.

After the initial excitement of the role, I felt that the lack of support started to affect my performance with nobody to debate strategies with, discuss HR issues, to challenge me, and I started to consider looking for a fresh challenge.

I discussed this with one of the main board, and we agreed that an external coach made sense. I knew Roger from my previous employer and approached him with a view to starting a coaching programme

Roger has huge experience, but he does not tell you what to do. Instead he helps you come up with the answers, using his experience by reflecting back to you, asking questions to create better understanding and enabling you to come up with an acceptable way forward.

The change in my behaviour since I started the coaching has been commented on positively by my team, peers, and directors.

Equally importantly the performance of the team has improved.

Roger now coaches 5 people within the company.
Simon Waine
Divisional Director, Lark Insurance Broking Group

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